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posted by Bradley on 31.07.16 03:31 | in General

Before I get to the announcements, I would like to thank everyone for coming out to the OMG!WTF?BBQ! I hope everyone had a great time! I know I did! Thank you to the cooks who took over the grill from me, and thanks to Loopy especially for bringing the Melee gear! We have added over $200 to the convention funds for next year!


What The Fur will officially be the weekend of July 28-30 2017!
We had to move our dates for a variety of reasons, but we hope that this will work for a lot more people, not being during the end of school, and not being so close to other conventions! So in 12 months we will be back! 
We will be returning to the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire once again.
And our theme for 2017: Getting Medieval! We don't yet have our Guest of Honour confirmed, but once we do, you ...


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posted by Bradley on 14.07.16 10:52 | in General

We here at What The Fur have been working hard to get next year’s convention on track, to make it bigger and better than any we’ve had before. And we’re less than a month from making all sorts of announcements. But, in the meantime, we’ve decided that we just can’t let something like this go without some kind of celebratory event.

So on Saturday July 30th, we would like to invite one and all to Montreal again, where we’ll be hosting the first ever Oh My Goodness… What The Fur Barbecue! (Or the OMG!WTF?BBQ!)


Starting at Noon, we’ll be holding a big BBQ party at Angrignon Park, where we will be cooking up hotdogs and burgers, maybe some ice cream, and all the funds raised through the sales will go straight into making What The Fur 2017 an amazing time for everyone! We’ll have games to play, featuring MonFur’s Melee!


And yes, we ...


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posted by Bradley on 03.06.16 04:16 | in General

Hello everyone.

Some people seem to be questioning What The Fur, and where the fees we collect from registrations go. There also seems to be several misconceptions about how a convention is run. I am going to clear a few things up, and let people see exactly what goes into the convention, and why the amounts quoted and the claims made on several posts are invalid and incorrect.

First, let me point out that not every cost is going to be listed. We’re still tallying the receipts from this year’s event. Even buying Duct Tape gets accounted for. But these are general numbers that I currently have access to:

Hotel costs: $17815.84
(This is by far the largest category of expense. And every year it gets more expensive.)

Audio-visual rentals: $1609.65

Food (Chocolate Social): $475.00

(there are some pennies involved, but that’s not important)

Camera and photography: $244.89

Guest of Honour (hotel room): $614.08

Advertising: ~$2000.00

(Web, banner, ...


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posted by Bradley on 27.05.16 12:07 | in General

Good day, Agents.

I am writing you this message in the hopes that I might share my thoughts on the convention that we held from May 20th to 22nd at the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire. There is some information that I am sure you are waiting to hear, and I know that I am wanting to share with you all.

First and foremost, allow me to share with you our accomplishments. On the topic of attendance, 439 agents descended on Montreal, making this the largest convention of its type to be held on this island ever. Our annual Fursuit Parade culminated in a total of 77 fursuiters. That’s an amazing 17% of the whole convention! For the Ecomuseum, our charity, we raised $2,194.73. And though we didn’t reach our goal for this year, every cent raised means that much more to be put towards the welfare and care of the animals at the ...


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posted by Bradley on 02.05.16 02:23 | in Registration

Good morning agents.

As we are now the 2nd of May, this means a few things happened overnight. 
  1. We closed pre-registration for Sponsor and Patron levels.
  2. We have completed the ordering of shirts. 
  3. Pre-registration is STILL available for Regular memberships, however the price has increased to $55.
  4. We have, as promised, posted our day-pass rates on the website. 
  5. We have posted our hours for Registration.

Understand that the Thursday hours for badge pickup for Pre-Registered Agents is dependent on our timely arrival at the hotel. As the convention does not actually begin until Friday, the times for Thursday may vary.

From now until May 8th at midnight, you can still pre-register for Regular memberships, and the hotel is still offering our preferred room rate, depending on availability of rooms. 

Later today we will be posting our preliminary schedule to the website.

So visit www.whatthefur.ca for all of the details on your mission.

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posted by Bradley on 26.04.16 01:34 | in General

Good day, Agents!

We would like to bring your attention to something that has been reported to us as an omission.
Every year, our agency collects donations from all kinds of sources in order to support our charity of choice, the Ecomuseum. To date, agents just like you and I have managed to collect over $15,000. As a goal for this year, we want to bring that total to over $20,000. Should we reach our goals, there might just be [REDACTED], and [REDACTED][REDACTED] but of course, you all expected that. 

If you cannot be in attendance at the convention, but still want to help us support the charity, please contact us at [email protected] We will happily accept donations vis the usual channels and safe-drops. And don't forget: [REDACTED]

Good luck, Agents.

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posted by Bradley on 26.04.16 01:30 | in Registration

Good day Agents!

We have heard that some of you have filed inquiries into the prices of what is referred to as a "Day Pass." We can confirm that these "Day Passes" are not fiction, and do indeed exist. We have been cleared to inform you that the Day Pass prices will be declassified on May 1st, and will be posted to the usual information access points (whatthefur.ca, Facebook, Google+). 

Good luck, Agents.

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posted by Bradley on 26.04.16 01:21 | in General

Good day agents!

With the main event starting in less than 25 days, there are a few things we would like you to know.

On May 1st, we will close pre-registration for our Sponsor and Patron levels. These are the levels that give you bonuses, such as tshirts and a pass to our epic Bradley's Epicurean Gastronomical Extraveganza. Regular memberships will be available for another week following this, until the 8th of May.

Speaking of the BEGE, we would like to announce a small change! We've done some math, and we've re-evaluated it all. The BEGE will now be available to you at a cost of only $42! This is because, Food may not be the answer to life, the univ erse and everything, but it is definitely the reason. So if you want to take part in this buffet of delicious food, go and visit http://whatthefur.ca/events/bege_en.php and let us know! Time is ...


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posted by Feli on 21.04.16 02:56 | in Hotel

Officially, the Holiday Inn & Suites Pointe-Claire Montréal Aéroport will stop offering the convention room rate (of only $129 CDN) as of May 8th.

However, there are already some days where the number of available rooms are running low. And we don't want you to have to stay at some other hotel: All the fun is at the main hotel!

Go and visit our hotel page, and click the link to get the details and to make your room reservations before we run out!

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posted by Bradley on 20.04.16 04:40 | in General

Do we have some news for you! 
Agent 001, aka: Shinigamigirl, has completed work on the official What The Fur convention attire. And we're stoked, so we want to share it with all of you!

If you aren't already getting a shirt from us, it's not too late! visit the link below to order a shirt. Stock is limited, and in order to make sure you get the size you want we pre-order the shirts to the sizes indicated. So, make sure you get your proper shirt. Fill in the survey. They're only $25!

WTFur 2016 Shirt

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